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Staff Newsletter – July

Message from the CEO

We broke ground this month on our skilled nursing facility, The Center at Grande. I’m really excited about this. It will be a state of the art facility unlike any other in East Texas. When all the financing is complete Azalea will own about 30% of the operating company with numerous outside investors, physicians and non-physicians, participating. If the weather and suppliers cooperate we should be opening late summer of 2017.

We have a new ultrasound machine down on the Garden Level. It is just like the one we have in Mt. Pleasant. If you get a chance take a look at it. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, it can be used for diagnostics but primarily it will be used for needle guidance, giving the provider a greater degree of confidence that the needle is where he/she wants it to be.

Dr. Foreman recently tried a new technology that uses a needle housed camera to be able to look at the knee cartilages. He can do it right in the office under a local anesthesia. It’s pretty high tech stuff. It’s too soon to know yet what the insurance companies think of it. Hopefully they will conclude that it is more accurate and cost effective than MRI of the knee.

It looks like the dog days of summer are upon us so please don’t forget the sunscreen and lots of water when you are out and about enjoying beautiful East Texas. Thank you all for taking great care of our patients.


Summer Injury Prevention Seminars

Throughout the summer, we have been hosting mini summer seminar events at the Active Recovery Center! These events are free to the public and start at 6 p.m. The physicians have and will continue to discuss common injuries, preventative maintenance, post injury protocol, useful equipment and general tips for healthy living.

Remaining Dates & Topics include:

August 2 | Weight Training | Dr. Wupperman 

August 11 | Cycling | Dr. Michaels

AZ Stock 1

AZ Stock 2

AZ Stock 3

AZ Stock 5

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.45.54 AM

Oberd is a software system which provides electronic outcome forms to patients. This will help our doctors track patients’ wellness over the course of recovery so they can make better decisions for their patients’ treatment. Standardized outcome forms are being used by doctors around the world to collect comparative data. For Azalea, Oberd will help us use the outcome data to improve medical proactive through evidence-based research.

Oberd started on Thursday, July 21st!

“The Big Game”

**If your ticket is not selected, DO NOT THROW IT AWAY!!!.  The tickets roll over week to week, which means if your ticket is not picked one week it may still be selected on another!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to our customer service carnival. By looking at the pictures everyone had a good time.

Each week a new winner will be drawn. Next week’s gift card will be a $40 Visa gift card. Each week, until the end of summer, the amount will increase until the final drawing for a $100.00.  At the end all tickets will go back into the bucket for the final $100.00 gift card.

Remember to keep your tickets until the very end. If you are caught doing something great you can receive even more chances to win.

At the bottom of the newsletter are some pictures from the carnival. Thank you again for a great turn-out we hope you enjoyed the fun!



Jennifer Stone | 2

Stefanie Kersey | 4

Sue Howell | 5

Lisa Shuler | 7

Judy Lee | 9

Angela Morrow | 9

Barbara Sullenbarger | 12

Rhonda Burton | 17

Gina Flannigan | 22

Amber Dickey | 24

Baylie Klaassen | 26

Christina Henry | 29


Kelsey Blackmon | 3

Angela Brewer | 10

Shelley Spence | 14

Sheila Courson | 15

Ruth Monge | 18

Toni Vivien | 20

John Stanford | 21

Angela Ball | 24

Sheila Peterson | 26

Debbie Waldrop | 26

Lacy Tippett | 30

bday 2

Thank you for helping our patients be ‘Good to Go!’




The Center on Grande, Coming Soon!

Look for the the ground breaking on Azalea’s new Skilled Nursing Facility on Grande Blvd, “The Center on Grande” in August. Join us to celebrate this exciting opening!

New Azalea Intranet Information

The Azalea Intranet has been updated with new Job Postings, profiles about the new employees, and pictures from the Carnival (under Bulletin Board) and an updated Azalea Employee Directory (under Employee Info –> Directory).

Blood Drive Results

THANK YOU for taking the time on Friday, July 15th to donate blood with Carter Blood Care.  Because of everyone’s donations, we were able to collect 26 units of blood and reach our goal of over 19 units, more than we have donated before!  That means that we helped save about 78 lives!!  Don’t worry, if you could not donate this time we will try to do this again, at different times throughout the year!

Your donations not only helped save lives, but Azalea Orthopedics had more volunteers than TSJH OPSS, so we won a Pizza Party from Carter Blood Care.  We are currently working on setting up a time for this, and I will let everyone know when that will be!  

Next time, let’s aim to beat our current goal!



IMG_0226 (1) CarterBloodCare



Congratulations to Azalea’s Janet Lopez

JanetLopezGLCheckInLearn more about Janet:

I have worked as Garden Level Check-In for the past 9 months.  The best part of my job is the patient interaction and knowing how much the patients appreciate everything I do for them. Nothing makes me happier than hearing them say “thank you for all you do’ before they smile and leave our office. My goals for the future is to learn more about the medical field so I can further help patients and grow within the Azalea family.

Thank you Janet for always being #GoodToGo!

Welcome New Azalea Employees!

Brianna Lozoya

Brianna Lozoya

Brianna is the new Garden Level Check – Out!

  1. Where were you born? Jasper, Texas
  2. When you were growing up, what was your first job? The medicine shoppe pharmacy as a cashier
  3. Where did you attend school? Winona high school
  4. Are you married? Yes – 5 years
  5. Do you have any children? what are their names? Yes, his name is Jaxon
  6. What Projects are you involved in with your community? We attend church and participate in lots of benefit tournaments with my son’s soccer team.
  7. What would be your ideal vacation? Definitely, the coast of France
  8. What are your hobbies? Shopping and watching my son’s soccer games.
  9. What is your favorite shows? Game of thrones, orange is the new black, and grey’s anatomy
  10. What is your favorite Restaurant? I love mercado’s
  11. What are your goals here at azalea? My goals are to advance in the medical field.

Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres

Jessica is one of APAC’s evening schedulers!

  1. Where were you born? California
  2. When you were growing up, what was your first job? I worked at Chick-Fila-A
  3. Where did you attend high school? John Tyler High School
  4. What would be your ideal vacation? Anywhere on the beach!
  5. What are your hobbies? Going for a run
  6. What is your favorite restaurant? Jersey Mike’s
  7. What are your goals here at Azalea? I would love to grow with the company.

Miguel Sanchez

miguel sanches

Miguel is one of the APAC’s evening schedulers!

  1. Where were you born? Houston, Texas
  2. When you were growing up, what was your first job? Dollar General
  3. Where did you attend School? Stephan F. Austin University
  4. What would be your ideal vacation? Going on all expense paid cruises every 6 months around the world.
  5. What are your hobbies? Working out at the gym!
  6. What is your favorite move? Any horror movie!
  7. What is your favorite restaurant? Chipotle or any authentic Mexican Restaurant.
  8. What are you goals here at Azalea? To get to know every department.

Susan Short

Susan Short

Susan is Dr. Jones’ New LVN.

  1. Where were you born? Danville, IL.
  2. When you were growing up, what was your first job? McDonalds.
  3. Where did you attend school? Danville High School and Parkland College
  4. Are you Married? Yes! For 2 years now.
  5. What is your spouses’ name and what is their best trait? Scott, and he spoils me.
  6. Do you have any children? Yes, 2. Wade and Sam.
  7. What would your ideal vacation be? Punta Cana
  8. What are your hobbies? Reading
  9. What is your favorite restaurant? Chili’s
  10. What are you goals here at Azalea? Learning a new area of nursing.

On the Road with Chase

As Chase Doughten, physician liaison, travels throughout East Texas he hears numerous positive comments from referring office staff. Thank you for everyone’s efforts in making Azalea the best line of care.

“Ashley Berryhill is the best, she is on top of her game!
— Pam, Office Manager for Dr. Williams in Mt. Pleasant

“APAC is flawless, best scheduling department in East Texas!”
— Sara, Office Manager from Family First Urgent Care

Azalea Patient Access Center (APAC)

Every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. there are a group of 8 employees and 1 supervisor who log into their phones, put their headset over their ears and are on the phone continuously once they sit down to work. They are the employees  in APAC. As most of you know, they are the ones who schedule all of our new patient appointments as well as all other appointments. Not only do they have a heavy call volume, but they also retrieve anywhere from 1000 to 1200 faxes a month. The team works very well together. There are 3 part time employees who work late in the afternoon and early evening hours. For the month of June alone, they had a total of 10,137 calls, 7160 incoming calls and 2,977 outgoing calls, and approximately 1000 faxes were received.

Thank you APAC for all you do and keep up the good work!!!

Gina Flannigan LVN
Clinical Services Director

Enjoy these pictures from our recent employee carnival!