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Patient Satisfaction

In Our Patient's Words

As you research the best possibilities for eliminating your pain, you may be interested in hearing from other patients who have experienced similar conditions and the options they chose as remedies. Below we have provided a few real-life solutions for many orthopedic conditions.

“Best doctor’s office ever — respectful, kind, thoughtful. Dr. Merrick prayed with me. Came in for follow-up, had been sitting with mom at the hospital for days. Dr. Merrick even prayed for my mom.” — Ricky B.

“I had 3 surgeries in 2013 and had PT at Azalea after each one. I cannot brag on the staff enough…from when I walk in the front door ’til the time I leave, everyone is on their game 100%, courteous, friendly, helpful & professional…And Jeremy, well I just can’t say enough about him! He was superb! Just wanted you to know what a wonderful experience I had with the Azalea PT Department!” – Susan W.

“A few years ago you diagnosed me with exertional compartment syndrome.  You corrected it with surgery.  I wanted you to know that since that time I have lost 81 pounds, and can run 3 miles!!  I would not have been able to do that before.  CBS did a news story on me and my trainer, and there was also an article in Sunday’s paper.  I wanted to thank you!!  Being able to walk and exercise without the pain in my calves is such a blessing.” – Karri O.

“Thank you and the rest of the clinic staff for always having great customer service. I am an ICU nurse and, of course, I hear “patient satisfaction” in almost every meeting because some people just don’t get it. But I can honestly say that every time I’m at Azalea it seems like it just comes naturally and effortlessly…A happy staff means happy patients – and that hopefully means the staff is truly enjoying their work place and environment. Keep up the great work! It is so appreciated!...God bless!” – Brandy E.

“I have used Dr. Dennis for several years now. I would not go anywhere else. I love this doctor’s office!” – Jennifer C.

“This is the third surgery I have had at Azalea Orthopedics and I rate them all excellent and will always go back for care!” – Robert S.

“This was the best experience I have ever had in regard to any doctor’s office. We were always in and out of the doctor’s office within 30 minutes. We absolutely love Dr. Schreiber.” – Mary P.

“I was very comfortable in every area I was in. The ambiance in the procedure room by all involved was very warm and friendly. I was very comfortable.” – Felicity L.

“I was well taken care of. I would for sure recommend this care provider to family and friends.” – Andrew S.

“No one likes to go to the doctor for any reason, but this is the greatest experience I have ever had in a doctor’s office. I truly was made to feel like family.” – Carlos M.

“My appointment was at 1:15. I arrived early and as soon as I was checked in the nurse was standing there and took me to see Dr. Huffman. Azalea is on top of things. He was very good to talk to as well. I live outside of Paris, Texas and I have a long way to come, but it is worth it to come to an awesome place like Azalea. You feel like they really care about you!” – Lisa T.

“I really appreciated the fact that the doctor listened to what I had to say. I had a very good experience with my visit.” – Michael M.

“Azalea Orthopedics is a class act from start to finish. Many other offices in our area need to take notice as to how Azalea operates so smoothly. Every person made me feel comfortable and “normal”.” – Grace P.

“The doctor’s instructions for after care visit were great! After following his advice, the problem with my foot is getting better. He told me it would eventually work itself out and it seems to be doing just that. At 65 years of age, I’ve been to many different doctors. This has been the very best medical experience of them all. Thanks to everyone!” – Joan B.

“Every single person I have had interaction with has been courteous, efficient, patient and knowledgeable. I never felt rushed or that I was an inconvenience to anyone. I feel Dr. Russell and his Staff are MASTERS of the profession and I feel totally comfortable in their care.” – Ava C.

“The nurses you employ are the cream of the crop! No wonder your retention rate is so high. You deliver a fabulous place to work.” – Kathy M.

“Excellent in every way! They even sent different brochures by mail which allowed me to prepare for my surgery.” – Jim B.

“Absolutely excellent access every single time I have called. This is a ‘first class act’ and the way all doctors’ offices should function!” – Gail D.

“A visit to Dr. Garrett at Spine & Joint/Azalea is always a pleasant experience. Very little wait time. I was in and out within no time!” – Jorge B.

“I went to your office in Mt. Pleasant on 2/14, and I met everybody and I told the lady there that I have been to a lot of people, and a lot of doctor’s offices, but I have never met more polite and professional people than I had at your office in Mt. Pleasant and I appreciate it very much.  I will trust that doctor, Dr. Kaminski, with my life, even with the short amount of time there. I want to let you know that I have been to a lot of Doctors and I have never been to one who made me feel that confident from the time I walked in there to the time I left, and I just wanted to everyone to know.” – Joseph B. from Texarkana, Texas

“Thank you so much for all y’all have done. Dr. Beck you, your staff, nurses, Have been 2nd to none as a Medical Team concerning my injury. There is no better surgeon than Dr. Beck. You people at Azalea are Highly organized and most professional. I was blessed in having y’all. A GOD SEND FOR SURE! I have the normal pain issues and a little swelling at times. That bad pain I had is gone. Surgery you did was a success. Thanks a million. If I have any future ankle issues Dr. Beck you are the only sawbones I trust, because you are the best. Dr. Beck is the superman of surgeons. God bless you all.”-Larry R.

It was fabulous, customer service was outstanding. Ive heard many good things about this place and I saw it myself. Especially an employee there by the name of April Viramontes, she is very kind and generous, strong positive young girl with a beautiful smile, she helped me get my info in quickly. Dr Patterson, is a great young dr with a caring personality. Thank you once again.
Continue to be the outstanding customer service ever!!!!!
Feleisia R.



I am so thankful that you Dr. Raabe accepted me as your patient. Loved that you prayed over my surgery, and you have eased so much of my horrible pain!  I recommend you to anyone needing spine surgery, thank you!

Linda B.


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