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Foot Fractures Healing Time

Foot Fractures Healing Time

Foot Fractures Healing Time

Question: I saw on your web site that questions were welcome concerning bones and joints. I’m very concerned about 2 fractures I got 9 weeks ago.  My fractures was first metatarsal area and tarsal bones. Fracture anterior process of calcaneus. Mild displaced fracture posterior superior navicular. I was put in a walking boot. After the 8 week mark I was told to transition out of the boot. They said the healing was good but would probably be the beginning of next year before it would all be totally conditioned. As I mentioned to the orthopedic before I continue to have like a bluish bruise looking up above from the ankle and when I stand on the bottom sides of my foot. He didn’t seem to be concerned. He only said it should feel stiff when I started to walk and put weight bearing on. But I’m feeling more intense pain in the areas I mentioned above. It does not feel stiff . Just more of a deep intense pain when I walked. It didn’t seem to hurt when I was sitting or laying but very intense aching especially walking bare footed but not as bad in a shoe, however still painful. I also still have a redness at the top of my foot and a burning sensation in the back of my heel and a feeling of numbness in my foot a lot. While I’m trying to be patient, I’m very concerned that I may have (causalgia) or CRPS. I had a surgery about 3 years ago and they think some of my nerves may be injured in that area because I still have some pain that are distressing. So, I’m very concerned I may have this pain syndrome as well. I was told to be patient but I’m so concerned and worried that I may have another pain in another part of my body. What are your thoughts on this? I also heard I could always have pain in that area from arthritis forming. I’m 56 yrs old so my bones are already fragile. Also is it normal to have this deep bone aching in the area of fracture after 9 weeks? Should I be worried??

Dr. Kim Foreman: Your fractures will not be solidly healed for approximately 3 months from the time of injury.  You will have gradually diminishing pain, stiffness, and swelling in the foot and ankle for up to 6 months from the time of injury. Your foot will have a tendency to get red and/or purple after you have been on it for a while. Should you be worried – no. Are your current symptoms normal at 9 weeks after fracture – yes.



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