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Radiologic Technology Week


Radiologic Technology Week

November 3-9 is Radiologic Technology week!

“Radiology is known as the science of using medical imaging to help diagnose and, in some cases, treat diseases in the human body. Many different imaging techniques are a part of radiology including x-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and more.

The history of radiology started with Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895. Wilhelm was able to take the first x-ray, which was of his wife and won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1901 due to his new discovery. He had experimented with passing electric currents through a tube and by doing so, was able to figure out how to turn this experiment into an X-ray.

The ability to take an x-ray was a huge advancement in the medical community. It allowed for the diagnosis of fractures, broken, ailments and much more. It wasn’t long after Wilhelm’s discovery that machines were produced and x-ray technology became a commonly used diagnostic procedure throughout the medical community.” (

Happy “Rad Tech” week! Thank you to all of our X-ray techs at Azalea Orthopedics who help with the diagnostic process of all of our patients! If life happens and you need professional imaging #DeamandAzalea. We have specialists on call 24 hours a day, just call 903-939-7500.

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