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Orthopedic and Spine Surgery, Sports Medicine and Interventional Pain Management

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We specialize in shoulders, knees, hips, foot & ankles, hand & elbows, spin, sports medicine, physical medicine & rehabilitation and more!

Our Orthopedics Team answers your toughest orthopedic questions related to bone and joint pain, physical therapy, pain management and more.

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In Our Patients’ Words

“A few years ago you diagnosed me with exertional compartment syndrome.  You corrected it with surgery.  I wanted you to know that since that time I have lost 81 pounds, and can run 3 miles!!  I would not have been able to do that before.  CBS did a news story on me and my trainer, and there was also an article in Sunday’s paper.  I wanted to thank you!!  Being able to walk and exercise without the pain in my calves is such a blessing.”
– Karri O.

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