Ask An Orthopedist: Causes of Arthritis

Calendar November 28, 2017

Question: In my early 20’s I worked a job where I was required to lift and carry anywhere between 65 to 100 lbs frequently. The job would sometimes require stooping, standing and sitting for prolonged periods of time. I did this job for almost 4 years. Could this type of repetitive work related activity cause the beginning stages of osteoarthritis in your knees and hips in such a short period of time?

Joints are made to be walked on and to support the body while standing, walking, running, etc. These things do not cause arthritis. Arthritis is a disease process in the body like high blood pressure or diabetes that affects some but not all. If you are developing arthritis, it is because you have the genetic makeup to develop it, not because of standing or lifting.

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