Ask An Orthopedist: Knee Pain While Walking

Calendar September 29, 2016
Ask An Orthopedist: Knee Pain While Walking

Dr. Kim Foreman, Orthopedic Surgeon, and the Azalea Orthopedics Team answers your toughest orthopedic questions related to bone and joint pain, physical therapy, pain management and more.

I’ve been having pain in the back of my leg when I walk, exercise or work. I may have pulled something in my tendon. Is there some type of brace I can wear to relieve this pain?

Before talking about treatment we need to know what the problem is. Do you have tendinitis? Arthritis? A meniscus tear? Once we know the answer to this, then a treatment plan can be initiated. The best option is to call us and Schedule an Appointment to have the knee examined and diagnosed properly.

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