Ask An Orthopedist: Hip Fractures

Calendar April 11, 2017

Question: In 2014 I fractured the neck of my right femur and a closed reduction with cancellous screws was performed. There is some post exercise stiffness after periods of being inactive, but usually goes away within 2-3 days.  I go in for a check-up every two years and understand that I have a lower risk of AVN since it’s been three years after my fracture happened. Do my physical activities have any influence over my hips healthy recovery?

Since you haven’t developed AVN by now, the likelihood of it happening in the future is fairly small. There is nothing you can do to help or hurt that prospect. I would encourage you to stay active to keep the hip mobile, keep the muscles strong, and keep your weight down. All these things give the best possibility of long healthy joint life.

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