Ask An Orthopedist: Knee Pain

Calendar November 29, 2016

Question: My mother has suffered from knee pain for many years and her legs are starting to thin. We had a recent x-ray done but are having trouble understanding what her next steps should be. Can you take a look at the report and suggest how to move forward and help treat her pain?

X-ray report: 
X-ray right knee Generalized reduction of the bone mineral density could be due to osteopeina / osteoporosis alignment is maintained There is marginal reduction of the tibiofemoral joint space suggesting internal derangement of cartilage irregularity of the lateral femoral surface with subarticular areas of marrow rarefaction appears to be grade 4 chondral injury/osteoarthritis PatelloFemoral articulation appears regular. Party hazy supra/infrapatellar fat lucency of the of the knee appears to be due to synovial effusion. Quadriceps and patellar tendon show maintained bony attachment. Rest of the soft tissue planes around the knee appear normal.

The x-ray report is basically describing some arthritis in the knee along with some loss of bone density. Her treatment needs to consist of medication and/or injection for the arthritis, possibly some medication for the bone loss, and regular exercise. She would do best if she sees an orthopedist for her evaluation and treatment.

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