Ask An Orthopedist – Can I make my broken leg heal faster?

Calendar November 10, 2014
Ask An Orthopedist – Can I make my broken leg heal faster?

Years ago I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, I had regular Dexa Scans and was told last year that my bones had sufficiently recovered so I didn’t have to go anymore. In addition, I had Patella Malalignment and physio as well.  Then three weeks ago I broke both bones in my lower leg and dislocated my leg, which was somehow caused by twisting my leg as I fell. The doctor said it was like a motorcycle accident but without the other injuries.  I had surgery and had several pins and plates put in.

Is there anything I can do to help myself before my follow up appointment in four weeks? Are there are any supplements or exercises I can do which might help? Also my leg is still full of fluid which makes my knee swell up at night and my foot swell during the day – is this normal three weeks after the break?

Dr. Foreman Says:

In the short term, ice and elevation can help some, but you’ll probably need to start a medication that can actually help build bone back.  There are several, and they come in the form of pills, injections, and nasal sprays.  You will have swelling in your leg and foot for another 6-8 weeks, so don’t get in a hurry for that to go away.

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