Does A Broken Toe Require Surgery?

Calendar May 31, 2018

Question: A week ago I hurt my toe. Yesterday I finally decided to get an X-ray as the pain was not getting better. The 4th proximal phalanx is completely broken. My Primary Care Physician recommends I see an ortho. My issue is I can’t afford to take off work if they say I should do surgery. I have it buddy taped and used a fracture boot. Will it be able to heal itself without surgical intervention?

Dr. Foreman: Typicaly, a 4th toe fracture requiring surgery is quite unusual – they usally heal well with buddy taping and a little time.

Azalea Orthopedics is Blessed to Have Two Foot & Ankle Specialists

Often, foot & ankle issues such as minor fractures, ankle sprains, and other small injuries have a strong chance to heal without surgical intervention. On the contrary, in severe cases, it’s always best to seek specialized medical professionals knowledge to discuss all of your treatment options. Our foot & ankle surgeons solely focus on issues below the knee. If you are experiencing foot and ankle pain, contact a specialist today!

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