Can a Grade Two ACL Tear Heal Without Surgery?

Calendar April 17, 2018

Question: I had an accident and received an ACL grade two injury. My doctor suggests I rest for three weeks and another doctor said I need an operation. What should I do? Can a grade two ACL tear heal without surgery?

Dr. Forman– Partial tears of the ACL (grade II injury) may heal a little but not completely. How your knee does depends on how much or little laxity you have in the knee and the demands you put on the knee. It is reasonable to take some time to allow as much healing as possible, rehab the knee, then see how it does. If it is OK, then you have avoided surgery. If the knee is unstable and doesn’t allow you to do what you want to do, then you can do the surgery later. If you feel your knee is unstable, then consult a qualified Orthopedist who specializes in the knee.

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