Azalea Orthopedics is now offering HF10 Therapy!

Calendar September 13, 2016
Azalea Orthopedics is now offering HF10 Therapy!

HF10 Therapy is proven to give more patients more relief from both back pain and leg pain.

Other Advantages include:

  • No tingling or buzzing
  • More freedom – Unlike other SCS systems, HF10 therapy can stay ON while you are driving or sleeping.
  • Simple, more predictable, reversible procedure
  • Compatible with your current pain medications

Ask your doctor about a temporary trial of HF10 therapy – HF10 therapy provides the opportunity to trial the system prior to receiving a permanent implant. The trial system delivers the same therapy provided by the implanted device, allowing you and your doctor to quickly assess its effectiveness in managing your pain.

Use the interactive banner below to watch the videos or click to learn more from Nerve Corp.

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