Azalea Orthopedics welcomes new clinic president, Dr. John Priddy as the former president, Dr. Michael Russell’s term ends.

Calendar January 21, 2022
Azalea Orthopedics welcomes new clinic president, Dr. John Priddy as the former president, Dr. Michael Russell’s term ends.
Michael Russell II, M.D.
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
John Priddy, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon


After 1825 days, recruiting fourteen providers to Azalea, expanding to Nacogdoches, joining OrthoLoneStar, overseeing the transition of a new CEO, the integration and implementation of a new electronic medical records system, five consecutive locals love us awards, and navigating our clinic through the Covid pandemic and snowvid, Dr. Michael Russell’s term as president of Azalea Orthopedics has ended.

Dr. Russell has held the role since 2017; during his five-year tenure, Azalea experienced its greatest period of growth. Early in Dr. Russell’s presidency, he networked with other physician presidents, CEOs, and leaders of other independent orthopedic clinics across the state of Texas. These men and women’s conversations yielded the idea of creating the largest orthopedic clinic in Texas, OrthoLoneStar. They were the early catalyst and drivers of adopting the idea of six orthopedic groups joining to create a partnership that focuses on quality, patient access, and generating best practice methods to create an unparalleled patient experience in orthopedic care in the state of Texas and beyond. OrthoLoneStar comprises 150 physicians, 1100 employees, and 41 locations across Texas. In addition to Azalea and OrthoLoneStar’s organizational trajectories, Dr. Russell headed three of the largest sponsorship agreements in our clinic’s history. He was instrumental in constructing our TJC promise partner agreement, our newly formed partnership with Rose City Capital West Little League, and developing our relationship with the Mentoring Alliance.

Thank you, Dr. Russell, for all of the weekend, late night, and early morning meetings. Your dedication and focused leadership to this organization and our employees are apparent and greatly appreciated. Dr. Russell balanced this role alongside his personal commitments and other board positions with grace, vision, and passion.

“It’s extremely satisfying for me to reflect on the accomplishments this incredible organization has enjoyed over the years. None of this is possible without the supreme dedication from employees and the support from my physician partners.” Said Dr. Russell, “The opportunity to lead this talented group of professionals has been one of the most rewarding highlights in my career.” Dr. Russell continues, “It takes teamwork and an organizational focus to overcome most all obstacles, and I’m extremely proud of my partners for their support and unwavering commitment for serving our patients, community and our employees. I have great confidence in Dr. Priddy and look forward to the places he will lead our group.”

As of January 1, 2022, Dr. John Priddy will assume the presidential role and all of its responsibilities. We are excited to witness and follow Dr. Priddy into Azalea’s bright future!


Azalea Orthopedics is a proud division of Ortholonestar, Texas’ largest independent orthopedic clinic. Azalea Orthopedics has served Tyler and the surrounding East Texas communities’ orthopedic, spine and pain management needs for over twenty years. With twenty-seven specialty-trained physicians and nine locations across East Texas, our patients receive elite care close to home. Azalea Orthopedics comprises nationally recognized surgeons and physicians who sub-specialize to benefit our patients. Our group offers cutting-edge technology forged with conventional wisdom and proven methods to improve our patients’ lives. Providing the highest standard of care will always be the cornerstone of our core philosophy. To learn more about Azalea Orthopedics, visit

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