Dr. Jones Talks Concussion Tech with KETK

Calendar April 30, 2015
Dr. Jones Talks Concussion Tech with KETK

Azalea’s Dr. “Bones” Jones talks to KETK NBC about concussions and the latest tech used to combat them on the field.


The latest in concussion technology

Tyler, TX (KETK) Concussions continue to be a huge problem among athletes.  Scientists all around the country are working on different ways to detect concussions.  Some of that innovation includes apps, mouth guards and padding.  The Texas A & M football team among other universities agreed to wear a mouth guard made by I-1 Biometrics.  The “Vector Mouthguard” monitors location impact and force of impacts.  It measures the brain’s linear and rotational accelerations from impacts.  That information is sent to a smart phone device, so trainers and sideline staff can monitor athletes.

There is also a LED mouth guard that identifies concussions.  “The FITguard” changes colors to alert coaches when an athlete has a potential concussion.  It turns red to indicate a high impact hit.  Watch this video to see how it works.
CLICK HERE to watch the video from KETK NBC.
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