Dr. Todd Raabe Presenting at ETMC KnowledgeFirst Forum

Calendar July 16, 2015
Dr. Todd Raabe Presenting at ETMC KnowledgeFirst Forum

East_Texas_Medical_Center_(ETMC)On Tuesday, August 4th at 6 p.m., our own Dr. Todd Raabe will present at a free KnowledgeFirst Forum at the East Texas Medical Center on the treatment of adolescent scoliosis. Dr. Raabe is a fellowship-trained adult and pediatric spine surgeon with Azalea Orthopedics who has performed more than 100 scoliosis surgeries.

Dr. Raabe has made adolescent scoliosis surgery a main focus at his Azalea Orthopedics practice due to the difficulties that come with scoliosis that progresses despite bracing.

“If you’ve got a significant curve in your spine it can make you different than everybody else, it can make you crooked, and people are kind of insensitive at times,” said Dr. Raabe. “So having their spine straight makes a big difference, psychologically, for a lot of patients.”

As explained in Azalea’s “Know A Procedure: How Serious Is My Scoliosis,” the principal symptom of scoliosis is an abnormal curvature from behind, most frequently in the upper back. Scoliosis is most commonly found in young, adolescent females, stressing the importance of treating adolescent scoliosis as early as possible.

Dr. Raabe will discuss adolescent scoliosis treatment options, including the Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidence System, an advanced robotic guidance system that enhances accuracy and safety and improves outcomes in scoliosis surgery, and is available in East Texas through Azalea Orthopedics and ETMC. He believes that the Mazor system improves every part of the complex surgery that can come with scoliosis.

To learn more about the treatment of adolescent scoliosis at Dr. Raabe’s KnowledgeFirst Forum, pre-register by calling 866-333-ETMC and press 6.

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