Are There Any Benefits to Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Calendar June 21, 2018

Question: My mom is a healthy 83 but needs carpal tunnel surgery soon. A friend had his done with you & brags on you guys. Now it can be done with a laser. Why don’t you guys do laser? Less downtime, etc. Mom stays busy she won’t like a cast. I’ve heard good news about you all. Any benefits to not doing it with a laser? Just trying to help my mom with this. Thanks.

Dr. Kim Foreman: To be more accurate, it is not laser surgery but rather endoscopic surgery – looking at the nerve through a scope with smaller incisions for the release of the nerve.  It has been available for almost 20 years.  The complication rate – incomplete release and/or damage to the nerve – is substantially higher than with traditional surgery.  The recovery time with traditional surgery is still quite short and does not involve a cast.

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