Sometimes it’s Best to Wait For Surgery

Calendar June 14, 2018

Question: I fractured my femur March 14. I was preparing for a Total Knee Replacement due to a torn meniscus from repeated falls and wear. I fell on the ice when I broke my leg and torn several ligaments in my knee. During my doctor’s appointment today, my physician said I have to wait at least six months before I can replace my knee, so the femur can heal and is structurally sound enough to attach my knee. He also mentioned there is a higher chance to of my femur rebreaking during surgery. I am in pain daily 5-8 on the scale. I am full weight bearing but use a walker sometimes for stabilization. In your opinion, is it reasonable to wait that long to replace the knee? Should I talk to my primary about further pain control since it will be such a long time?

Dr. Kim Foreman: It is very appropriate to wait at least 6 months from the time of fracture until you have the knee replaced. Arthritis certainly hurts so you may need a stronger dose of anti-inflammatory or even a mild pain medicine to tide you over until you can have the surgery. Talk to your primary care doctor about his/her recommendations for coping with your pain.

Azalea Orthopedics Specializes in Fracture Care and Knee Replacements

Our surgeons believe that conservative care options should be explored before entering into surgery.  Often injuries will heal with non-surgical treatment.  If in fact surgery is warranted, our surgeons are highly skilled, and fellowship trained to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. If you are in pain and would like to explore your options, schedule an appointment with a specialist today!

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