Ask an Orthopedist- Achilles Tendon Pain

Calendar June 3, 2020
Ask an Orthopedist- Achilles Tendon Pain


On my last run, I immediately felt a pinching sensation settle in at the top of my right Achilles tendon. I flexed it a few times and walked it off, and continued my run paying careful attention to it. The sensation has not subsided, however, and while it is not painful, it is unrelenting in that it doesn’t go away and I notice the feeling all day and with each step I take. Is this something I should be concerned about, or can I continue to run through it since it is not necessarily painful?


Dr. Foreman:
Without examining your leg, I can’t give you a definitive diagnosis as to the problem that you have.  However, the most likely issue is either tendinitis or a mild strain of the calf muscle as it inserts into the Achilles tendon.  Neither of these are things that you can “run through”, as continued stress will likely worsen them.  I would recommend stopping your running temporarily, applying heat to the involved area at least twice a day, and working on calf stretches and strengthening exercises.  Once you get to the point that you can walk with no symptoms whatsoever then you can GRADUALLY resume your running.  If your symptoms persist then a formal evaluation is needed – you don’t want to damage your Achilles tendon.


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