Is exercise bad for flat feet?

Calendar September 24, 2020
Is exercise bad for flat feet?



My question is regarding normal progression vs aggravation. I had asymptomatic congenital flat feet before I did heavy exercise, hiking and heavy work. Now I’m symptomatic and can barely walk or run without feeling pain. Is this considered a normal progression of asymptomatic flat feet or did I aggravate it beyond normal progression because of all boots and heavy work I have done?


Dr. Foreman, Azalea Orthopedics Sports Medicine surgeon, answers:
Yes and yes.  It is very common for people with congenital flatfeet to gradually develop symptoms over the years as the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the feet are not normal.  People who are more active, whether from work and/or play, tend to develop symptoms somewhat earlier as they are putting more stress on their feet than someone who is more sedentary.

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