Holly’s Unhappy Hips

Calendar June 12, 2015
Holly’s Unhappy Hips

hipsHolly from Mount Pleasant isn’t in a lot of pain right now, but she wonders if her popping hips could be a sign of problems to come.

I am a relatively healthy 34 y/o female.  I have noticed over the last couple of years that both of my hips pop very easily. Just turning my body in a different direction or getting up from a chair can cause it.  It happens daily.  Sometimes it is painful. I am not an athlete or a highly active person in general and have not had any injuries to them.  I do have neuropathy in both feet.  Is this something to be concerned about?

Without examining your hips I can only guess. Usually hip popping comes from a tendon snapping over another tendon or over a bone. In general painless popping is not a problem; if you are having discomfort then it’s time to get the hips evaluated.

If you’re experiencing painful popping of the hips, schedule an appointment with an Azalea hip specialist today.

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