Does a Fractured Finger Point to Surgery?

Calendar June 26, 2015
Does a Fractured Finger Point to Surgery?

ORT32500L_HRE01Karthik from Mexico is concerned about his fractured finger and wonders if surgery is necessary and is looking to be pointed in the right direction.

Three weeks ago, I hurt my small finger on my left hand and after an Xray, found it was a mallet finger fracture. I have been wearing a splint on my finger and it seems to have gotten a lot better. Currently, I am an interchange student in Mexico and the doctor I saw told me that I may have to go through surgery, but I would rather avoid that option. Are there are any alternate options to treat apart from having surgery?

Many mallet finger injuries can be treated non-surgically. A splint that keeps the last joint of the finger straight usually allows good healing. It needs to be on for 6 weeks. If it doesn’t work then surgery can be done later.

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