Ask An Orthopedist: Labral Repair

Calendar February 14, 2017

Question: I recently had an MRI on my hip joint and the results showed that I have a tear of the lateral labrum, along with a few other injuries. Since the MRI, I have been going to Physical Therapy and have been receiving hip injections. The injections have been great, relieving most of my pain, but only last for a small amount of time until I am back in the pain I was in when this first started. I am scheduled to see a Orthopedic surgeon that specializes in hip arthroscopy and I was curious if you thought that this procedure would be beneficial? If not what other procedures would be?

Labral repair via hip arthroscopy is often very successful in reducing or eliminating symptoms and allowing a return to an active lifestyle. Although it is OK to try, I doubt that therapy will give you any substantial long-term relief. A hip injection similarly is going to give at best temporary relief. Keep your appointment with the orthopedist to discuss hip arthroscopy.

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