Would certain exercises wear out my new hip?

Calendar July 10, 2015
Would certain exercises wear out my new hip?

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.59.33 AMLoretta from Fountain Inn South Carolina wants to prolong the life of her hip replacements as long as possible and is looking for exercises that can keep her active without wearing down her implant.

I had total hip replacement surgery in 2010, my surgeon using the posterior method.  My implant is Biomet titanium. I want to prolong the life of my implant as long as possible.  Recently, I’ve been taking cycle or spin classes at the gym and weight lifting classes.  I lift no heavier than 15 lbs.  Would either of these exercises cause excessive wear on my implant? 

“Those are great exercises for you to be doing.  Any low impact exercises – walking, biking, swimming, light weight lifting – are going to maintain good joint motion, maintain good muscle strength, and burn calories, all of which are good for the longevity of you and your hip.”

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