Ask An Orthopedist: Baker’s Cyst

Calendar June 20, 2017

Question: I have a very large, painful Baker’s Cyst (left knee) confirmed by an ultrasound. I have had 3 surgeries in the past (arthroscopies) for medial meniscus tear. The radiologist said in his report that the cyst also has blood in it and is septated. In researching various treatments for this problem, drainage and injection with steroids has been mentioned as well as a “key-hole” procedure for removal. I have had several cortisol injections as well as Syn-visc injections in the knee joint in the past. It has not helped with the Baker’s Cyst. Do you have an opinion on how I should proceed with treatment for this problem?

I doubt your pain is coming from the Baker’s cyst. They are a sign of something going on in the knee – generally a meniscus tear and/or arthritis. Treating the knee issue usually causes the cyst to shrink. In your particular case my bet goes with arthritis. If you can reduce the inflammation in the knee from the arthritis then the Baker’s cyst will probably take care of itself.

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