Ask An Orthopedist: Facet Arthropathy of the Lumbar Spine

Calendar June 27, 2017

Question: I have facet arthropathy of the lumbar spine. I go into spasm within 10 minutes of standing and have to sit immediately whereupon pain is alleviated. Two rounds of PT – regular and aquatic – no improvement in standing time. Myofascial massage has improved soft tissue and psoas stretches to lengthen, but still no increase in standing time. I think a brace will improve the quality of my life but not sure what kind would be best for this particular problem. What kid of brace do you recommend?

I’m not a big fan of braces – they tend to weaken the spine muscles and make you almost dependent on the brace. Have you tried medication?  Injections?  Yoga?  That’s more the direction I’d recommend.

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