Can a slightly torn ACL cause everlasting knee issues?

Calendar November 5, 2014
Can a slightly torn ACL cause everlasting knee issues?

I have had constant knee problems over the last ten years. I am 23 years old, and when I was 14, I hurt my knee playing football. When I initially got my knee checked out, I was told that I had a bruise and a slightly torn ACL. The doctor told me that three months of rehab should fix the problem. Over the years, as my weight has fluctuated, I have had continuous knee problems in the same knee. Should I be concerned with the problem getting worse? How urgent is it that I seek medical attention?


Since your knee has been bothering you for about 9 years I think it is way past time to get it re-evaluated to see what’s wrong. I would recommend an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon with an interest/sub-specialty training in dealing with knees.


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