Casting options for 3-year-old with arm fracture

Calendar November 5, 2014
Casting options for 3-year-old with arm fracture

My 3-year old daughter fell down and the result of the x-rays /XR WRIST RIGHT/ is: “Minimal buckling is seen, distal radius and distal ulna most consistent with minimal torus ulna approximately 1 cm from the growth plate of the distal radius and the distal aspect of the ulna. Minimal buckling of the distal radius torus fracture is seen dorsally”.

What do you think – what is the best way to treat that – do you think she will need a cast or something different to do with that? The doctor said she will not do the cast. I’m not sure that is the right decision, I prefer not to follow his directions; I found on the internet that the cast is simply the way to treat these things.


From the report it sounds as if the fractures are not displaced much. If that is the case then a cast for a few weeks will work well. If there is displacement of the fractures then a closed reduction followed by casting would be required.



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