How long will a sprained thumb take to heal?

Calendar October 31, 2014
How long will a sprained thumb take to heal?

About 3 weeks ago, I sprained my thumb. Currently, it’s still painful to do a few activities. 90% of what I do causes no pain. However, my hand was accidentally slapped and I saw stars for a few minutes. It causes pain when I bend my thumb up. What is the cause of the problem, and will it go away on its own?


I think you probably have a sprain of some of your thumb ligaments. Complete healing takes approximately 6 weeks, and the thumb can continue to intermittently bother you for another 4-6 weeks after that. Since you are getting better I wouldn’t worry too much at this point; only if it seems to worsen or doesn’t completely get well after 6-8 weeks would further evaluation be warranted.

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