Ask An Orthopedist: Patellar Tendinitis Following ACL Surgery

Calendar October 31, 2017

Patellar Tendinitis After ACL Surgery

Question: I’ve been having Swelling/soreness in Patellar Tendon 10 months post ACL reconstruction surgery (patellar tendon graft). I had an mri and it said “mild tendonopathy. The Tendon looks thicker than before and becomes irritated after any activity. Is this common for patellar tendon graft ACL surgery? I have stopped all activity for 2.5 weeks now and swelling has gone down and the pain is gone but the tendon still looks a little thick. How long will this last and is this normal?

Patellar tendinitis following ACL surgery – especially patellar tendon autograft – is extremely common.  Fortunately it almost always goes away after a while.  Heat, ice, stretching, anti-inflammatory medication, patellar tendon strap, tendon rolling and massage are all ways of treating the tendinitis.  It is not dangerous for you to continue your rehab but you may have to limit its some to avoid aggravating the tendon.

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