Treatment Options for Lingering Ankle Pain?

Calendar March 15, 2019

Question: Hello! I am a med student from Austria and work part time in an orthopedic clinic. We have a patient that got me thinking and I wanted to reach out and find out what experts say to the case.

20 year old, male, hard worker, pain in right ankle. MRI showed signs of a sprain or partial ripping of the lig. interosseum between talus and calcaneus with small subchondral bone marrow edema at the talus bone. Distinctly visible joint effusions.

The patient has already waited for 6 months for his condition to improve before seeking medical advice, which it didn’t. The first proposed treatment was an external infinity air walker prosthesis and resting the ankle, however the patient points out that he is unable to do so as he’s on his feet all the time (standing work, single dad with no help available, no driver’s license) and that he would prefer a straightforward treatment even if invasive that would wrap up his condition quickly so he just had to take a short break from work for healing and then was functional again.

Own-blood transfusions into the ligament where given as the second available treatment for this condition. But is this really all? It sounds very alternative-medicine and unreliable to me.

Thank you for your time! I really look forward to reading your reply. I am trying to learn from this case, so please feel free to link papers or similar that you feel relevant!

Best wishes from Vienna

Dr. Foreman: Most all foot and ankle orthopedists would start initial treatment for this in a walking boot.  This would likely take enough stress off the ankle to allow healing of the ligament and avoidance of surgery. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) or stem cell injections have had very mixed and unreliable results.

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