What to Expect with Shoulder Injury – Hill-Sachs Lesion

Calendar March 8, 2019

Question: I was diagnosed with a Hill-Sachs lesion about 5 years ago following my second dislocation along with having an injury pattern visible on the labrum. Would this injury heal on its own in regards to the compression fracture and the injury to the cartilage or would it all remain the same?

Dr. Foreman: The Hill-Sachs lesion is a “divot” made in the bone and cartilage on the back of the ball (humerus) caused when it bangs against the edge of the socket (glenoid) when the shoulder dislocates.  It will not heal, but usually doesn’t cause a problem unless it is very large.  If you have a tear in the labrum, this may allow the shoulder to continue to be loose and sometimes will require surgery if time and therapy don’t help enough.

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