When Can Hardware Be Removed After Forearm Surgery?

Calendar July 1, 2019
When Can Hardware Be Removed After Forearm Surgery?




My age is 28, I got a fracture in the left forearm, both ulna, and radius, and fixed with SS plate and screw. Now, the fracture healed well. It’s been 1.5 years since the operation to fix plates.

Now, there is no issue in my hand, but I want to remove the plate and screw. I am ready to rest my hand for 3 months after the plate and screw removal. Can you suggest to me if it is safe to remove the plate and screw from my left arm?



Dr. Foreman: Typically, we like to wait a minimum of one year following surgery to remove hardware which you have attained.  If x-rays show the fractures to be well-healed, then the plates and screws can be removed if you desire.


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