Pain or Popping in Muscle After Rotator Cuff & Bicep Surgery

Calendar July 12, 2019

Question: I had rotator cuff surgery and bicep tenodesis surgery 11 weeks ago. All was (is) going fine…. started PT 9 weeks ago. Today, I heard a pop in my shoulder and immediately I have pain in the upper arm and shoulder. I got home from work and noticed a bulge in my bicep area. I panicked and called the answering service for my surgeon. He called back and said it sounds like I have a “Popeye condition” and nothing to worry about, but this morning I could lift my arm overhead… now, it’s too painful. I am scared!


Dr. Foreman: It sounds as if the biceps tenodesis came apart and the biceps muscle has “fallen” in your arm.  Most people have minimal to no problems with a torn biceps tendon. I typically recommend non-surgical treatment for an isolated injury to the biceps.  If the appearance of the muscle bothers you, then by all means get an appointment with your surgeon to discuss treatment options.

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