Azalea Orthopedics- now performing orthopedic surgery in Longview

Calendar April 22, 2021
Azalea Orthopedics- now performing orthopedic surgery in Longview

On April 12th, Azalea Orthopedics surgeon Dr. Justin Bartley performed surgery in Longview, Texas. “We are thrilled to bring our services to the people and medical community of Longview,” said Dr. Bartley. “Making our patients’ lives easier is extremely important to our group. Our goal is to be the premier orthopedic group in East Texas. To realize this goal, we are focused on providing the highest-level outcomes and accessibility for our patients.”

In addition to Dr. Bartley, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ken Kaminski will begin operating in Longview within the upcoming weeks. “We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard to ensure the best surgical outcome for our patients,” said Dr. Kaminski. “The Longview health systems align with our standards, and we are proud for the opportunity to operate in Longview.”

Currently, Azalea Orthopedics has spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and pain management specialists who travel and provide clinical services at 925 West Loop 281.

Azalea Orthopedics is privileged to have served East Texas for more than 20 years. We are rapidly growing and expanding our coverage and care options to better serve East Texas and the surrounding communities. Providing the highest standard of care for our patients will always be the cornerstone of our care philosophy. Azalea Orthopedics is composed of nationally recognized surgeons and physicians who sub-specialize to benefit our patients. Our group is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology, forged with conventional wisdom and proven methods to improve our patients’ lives. To learn more about Azalea Orthopedics, visit


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