The Benefits Of Going On Walks! East Texas’s Top Walking & Jogging Trails

Calendar April 22, 2021
The Benefits Of Going On Walks! East Texas’s Top Walking & Jogging Trails

Whether you are a long-distance hiker or if you just want to take the dog out for a stroll through our beautiful backcountry, East Texas is the perfect place to get out and appreciate the natural splendor that our great state has to offer. More than offering a relaxing excursion, hiking trails offer an opportunity to improve your bodily health, due to the incredible physical benefits of going on walks. Here at Azalea Orthopedics, it is our mission to make being healthy something that everyone can enjoy, so we have put together a list of our favorite hiking trails in East Texas to keep you mind calm and your body active!

Walk It Out!

Walking has been proven to benefit your orthopedic health! Walking gets your heart pumping and increases oxygen flow, which has all sorts of benefits including: reducing blood pressure, improving circulation to injuries and healing body parts, slowing the development of arthritis and bone degeneration, and of course, burning calories! Check out East Texas’ top walking and jogging trails:

Emory, Texas: Lake Tawakoni State Park

Mineola: Mineola Nature Preserve

Nacogdoches: Recreational Trail

Palestine, Texas: Dockery

Paris, Texas: Barber Hills

Tyler, Texas: Lindsay Park

Contact Your East Texas Orthopedic Specialists

We promote an active lifestyle. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your joints healthy and happy. Hiking is an activity that the whole family can enjoy! If you love the outdoors, but have knee, hip or ankle pain while walking, it’s time to see the Azalea Orthopedic specialists today. Our specialists are board-certified and or fellowship-trained. They will get you back to the life you love safely and efficiently. Please feel free to contact us, or schedule an appointment 903-939-7051. Happy hiking!

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