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Medial Block & Pain Management

To alleviate and diagnose back pain and facet joint disorders, Azalea Orthopedics may recommend a medial block as a part of a patient’s care and pain management plan. Our back and spine specialists work together with their patients to develop a unique care plan that works for their situation and reduces and alleviates their pain. Understand if you might be a good candidate for a medial block injection at Azalea Orthopedics.

What is a Medial Block?

What is a Medial Block?

The medial branch nerves are small nerves that feed out from the facet joints in the spine and carry pain signals to the brain. A medial branch nerve block is an injection along these small nerves that connect to a specific facet joint. Typically, a medial block is used for diagnosing purposes. If the patient has pain relief immediately after receiving the injection then it can be determined that the patient’s source of pain is in that specific facet joint. Additionally, if the patient continues to experience pain relief after the procedure, they may be a candidate for further medial block injections to provide longer periods of pain relief.

What to Expect

Prior to the procedure, your physician will explain all of the details of the medial block, the injection, and how it may affect your orthopedic pain. The physician will use a fluoroscopy (a special type of X-ray) to see where to place the needles. Once the specific location(s) is identified, an anesthetic will be injected. Once the procedure has been completed, the patient will need to wait for up to 30 minutes to perform different movements. These movements will determine if the medial block has reduced or eliminated the patient’s pain.

For the rest of the day, it is important to stay active and go about all of your normal activities. This will help the physician gauge how effective the medial block has been on pain relief. It’s important to note that you should not drive during the 24 hours after the procedure. And, speak with your physician about any pain medication you are taking or plan to take after the procedure.

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If you are suffering from back and spinal pain, a medial branch nerve block could be a potential solution to alleviate your pain. Contact Azalea Orthopedics to understand if you’d be a good candidate for a medial block. Our team of skilled orthopedics will walk you through the details of the position and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!