Orthopedic doctor caring for a patient with a trauma fracture in their leg at Azalea Orthopedics.

Trauma Fractures

Updated: January 13, 2024

Azalea Orthopedics is prepared to to manage everything from from simple fractures to the most complex fractures — from their acute phases to their reconstructive phases. We try to treat the injuries in the most conservative fashion possible and most of these injuries respond well to conservative measures with casts or braces for a short period of time and heal uneventfully.

Trauma & FracturesIn the more difficult situations, the orthopedic surgeons of Azalea Orthopedic & Sports Medicine have had heavy emphasis in their training programs on trauma and reconstruction and are well-prepared to intervene with surgery, if it is necessitated or even reconstruction of these traumatic injuries.

Specialty Fracture Care from Azalea Orthopedics

The latest techniques in fracture stabilization have been mastered by the orthopedists of Azalea Orthopedics to allow a patient to be stabilized, rehabilitated and back to work and/or play as quickly as possible.

Our goal in Azalea Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is to return the patients to their normal lifestyle, their work and their play as quickly and comfortably as possible. We strive towards functional treatments to allow early mobilization and rehabilitation. We have well-trained physicians in physical medicine and rehabilitation to offer a continuum of care from the acute care of the fractures to the rehabilitation and return to normal living activities.

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