Spine: Procedures & Pain Management

At Azalea Orthopedics, our spine doctors and specialists work exceedingly hard to provide efficient spinal diagnoses and effective spine treatments that are minimally invasive. It is our mission to work with you and your body to manage your pain for your unique spinal injury or condition. You can feel confident knowing that you are in excellent hands with the Azalea spine team.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures

Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures

While spinal surgery is not always required for every spinal injury or condition, it is sometimes recommended for pain management and improved mobility. That being said, our spine doctors work to make each procedure minimally invasive when possible. We do this by using an arthroscope. Instead of cutting a large incision that will take much more time to heal, we make targeted, small incisions when possible with an arthroscope. This is a medical device with a small, lighted camera on the end of a tube that allows your physician to perform surgery via instruments.

Minimally invasive surgery is typically chosen over traditional surgery because it allows your surgeon to make fewer and smaller cuts in the muscle which will result in less scar tissue and less damage. With this type of spinal treatment, the recovery time tends to be quicker and more comfortable for patients.

Spinal Procedures

To alleviate your spinal pain and increase your mobility, your spine doctor may choose one of the following procedures:

Prior to any procedure or pain management spinal treatment, our physicians will discuss all of your options and choose the most appropriate treatment for your individual spinal injury or condition.

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