What are the Benefits of Stretching?

Calendar May 22, 2021
What are the Benefits of Stretching?

Orthopedic Care in East Texas

Our team at Azalea Orthopedics knows exactly how joint and bone health affects nearly every aspect of our lives. We offer the highest standard of care to patients across our multiple locations, for orthopedic treatment in Tyler, Longview, Athens, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Palestine and many more. One thing we recommend to all of our patients, and anyone looking to improve their wellbeing, decrease stress and promote longevity, is to stretch daily. Read on to learn what stretching can do for you.

Stretching for Pain Relief

Chronic pain or acute pain from orthopedic injuries can strike at any stage of life, no matter what kind of activity your profession or hobbies may include. One of the most effective strategies for pain management is stretching. If you think about it, stretching is just as important for someone who sits at a computer all day, who has acquired strain in the neck and back and suppressed circulation in the legs, as it is for a professional athlete who needs to prevent sudden injuries. One of the many benefits of stretching is that it promotes circulation and improves oxygen flow in the body, allowing acute or chronic pain to heal, increasing discomfort and restoring ease to the body. Stretching every day prevents these issues from developing in the first place and being harder to reverse.

Stretching Improves Mobility

Stretching regularly increases the range of motion in every joint in your body. As our bodies age, the joints are susceptible to damage and deterioration acquired through lack of use, disuse, or misuse. Moving every joint through its full range of motion during daily stretching, will ensure that as you age, your body remains mobile, resilient, and supple, and you can continue to enjoy the activities you love throughout your life.

Stretch for your State of Mind

It is no secret that pain and strain in the body is extremely interconnected with emotional stress and anxiety. Which one comes first is nearly impossible to tell, and it is well known that one always exacerbates the other. Relieving the pain in your body through stretching is a very accessible way to improve your state of mind because, not only will it awaken the muscles and joints in your body allowing you to pursue the activities you love most, it allows for a meditative moment during the day, and can improve the quality of your sleep.

Contact your Doctor

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain of any kind, there is a strong chance that it is linked to your orthopedic health. For more information about how stretching daily eases pain, allows the body to heal, and prevents injury, contact one of the specialists at Azalea Orthopedics today, or visit our website to request an appointment. We are here for you! Achieving physical and emotional health and longevity is in your control. Stay active and fit.

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