Ask an Orthopedist – Is my ankle sprain healing right?

Calendar November 7, 2014
Ask an Orthopedist – Is my ankle sprain healing right?
Ankle Sprain
Credit: A.D.A.M.

I sprained my ankle a little over a month ago and went to the doctor the next day. It was severely swollen and I was completely incapable of walking on it for about a week. I am able to put pressure on it now and swelling has gone done, but there still is swelling in the ankle. It is also extremely painful to stretch and seems almost impossible. Is this normal and should I seek further medical attention?

Dr. Foreman Says:

A significant ankle sprain can take several weeks to heal and then several weeks to regain motion and strength. You are far enough out from the injury that you can start exercises for your ankle. If you do a web search for ankle exercises, you will find more exercises than you have time to do. You may need an ankle brace for a while when you are up and about on the ankle. If you are not significantly better in 3-4 weeks, I would recommend an evaluation to find the any additional issues.

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