Ask an Orthopedist – Is my knee replacement coming apart?

Calendar November 7, 2014
Ask an Orthopedist – Is my knee replacement coming apart?

Dr. Foreman, my patella (kneecap) has been doing well and I have been working on getting more flexibility, but the other day a prominent bump appeared on the superior/medial part of the patella and it is painful. It looks and feels like one of the pins has shifted or rotated and is trying to poke through the skin. We are currently in California and will be for another two weeks. Any suggestions?

Dr. Foreman Says:

It is possible you could be having some problems from the hardware. Without seeing the knee, and possibly getting an x-ray, I can’t be sure. For now treat it symptomatically – ice/heat, Advil/Aleve, Ace wrap – and if it is still bothering you when you return, call for an appointment.


Knee Replacement
Model of a knee replacement.
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