Ask an Orthopedist – Help! My sprained LCL isn’t healing.

Calendar November 8, 2014
Ask an Orthopedist – Help! My sprained LCL isn’t healing.
Fibular collateral ligament
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I had an MRI eight months ago on my left knee.  It showed that my lateral collateral tendon is strained/sprained (not sure which of the two), and I have fluid on the knee.  I have been receiving steroid injections into the knee every month, because the knee hurts me so bad.  The shots used to help for about a month, then for only a few weeks and now, the relief from the shots only lasts a few days.  I am on Hydrocodone 10mg/325mg, Celebrex 200mg, and Tramadol 50mg. My doctor called me in oral steroids, and they help, but I know that I can’t live on them.

Is there a surgery that can be done to fix the strain/sprain? I am to the point of having the surgery, if it will fix my knee, and make the pain go away.  The tendon is not cut or severed, its just sprained/strained. Is there a surgery to fix it?

Dr. Foreman Says:

You need to see an orthopedic surgeon about your knee.  A ligament sprain/strain heals in 6-8 weeks, and since the knee is continuing to bother you there is probably something else going on.  You have received too many injections in the knee, you should not take oral steroids on a long term basis, and you should not take narcotic pain medicine on a long term basis either.

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