Ask An Orthopedist: Knee Arthritis

Calendar January 10, 2017

Question: I have been recently diagnosed with post-traumatic left knee arthritis from an injury I had when I was younger. I was informed that it can be managed with physical therapy, injections, anti-inflammatories, and things of that nature. If someone came into your clinic with this problem, is that the recommendation you would give them, or are their other forms of treatment I should be seeking? I have also been reading about a company called Regenxx that does experimental stem cell treatment. Out of curiosity, what does the sports medicine community think about this type of treatment?

Arthritis in someone as young as you is a tough problem. Medication and injections can help diminish pain and swelling but don’t alter the disease process. Regular low-impact exercises (no running, jumping, or jogging) are helpful. For some people a knee support makes the knee feel better. Stem cell and PRP injections are being done, but currently there is no great scientific evidence that they do more or better than more traditional injectable medications for arthritis. They are also expensive and usually not covered by insurance.

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