Understanding the Details of Partial Meniscectomy

Calendar January 24, 2017
Updated: January 13, 2024

Question:I had a partial meniscectomy 13 years ago, with 90% “all but the rim” removed. I frequently get knee pain, not sharp, but a soreness, especially if I walk with hard-soled shoes on a hard surface. The soreness may last a couple of days, and is most pronounced when walking. What keeps getting injured to cause the pain, and what heals to reduce the pain? Do either partial knee or full knee replacements include the cushioning normally provided by articular cartilage and the meniscus?

I suspect you are beginning to develop a little bit of arthritis in the knee. When your knee gets sore, it is due to inflammation in the knee. With some rest and better cushioned shoes, the inflammation begins to quiet down. You might try some Advil/Aleve to see if it helps. A knee replacement replaces bone on bone, which hurts, with metal on plastic, which doesn’t hurt.

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