Ask an Orthopedist – Could I have something more than tennis elbow?

Calendar November 8, 2014
Ask an Orthopedist – Could I have something more than tennis elbow?

Two weeks ago I was told I have tennis elbow, I was prescribed only prednisone for a week, however the pain is still excruciating. The pain is in the inside of my elbow; I can’t sit with my arms down while typing due to the pain when my elbow touches the table. It feels like there is a bone sticking out there. The swelling is still significant as well. Any type of leaning or picking up objects with this arm sends pain right to my elbow. Could there possibly be something more wrong with my elbow other than tennis elbow?

Dr. Foreman Says:

From your description it sounds as if you have reverse tennis elbow – pain on the inside as opposed to  the outside of the elbow.  Both, however, are a problem called tendinitis – inflammation of tendons.  The prednisone is an anti-inflammatory medication, but it sounds as if one week was not enough to get rid of the inflammation.  Treatment options include a non-steroid anti-inflammatory which you can take for longer periods of time than the prednisone, a gel which you spread over the affected area twice a day, or an injection of cortisone around the involved area.  I would also recommend heat, and you might consider a tennis elbow brace – it can help for both tennis elbow and reverse tennis elbow.

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