Azalea Cares: Dean Pennington, PA-C Provides Help And Hope In Haiti

Calendar October 26, 2018
Water for Christ mission trip to Haiti

Dean Pennington, a Physician’s Assistant at Azalea Orthopedics shares his talents and love with the people of Haiti. He joined Water for Christ on a mission trip from October 17th – 24th.

Dean’s job was to provide medical support for the mission. He also helped to scout for locations, drilling water wells and sharing the love of the Lord.

“Fortunately, there have been no accidents! I was able to provide treatment to the residents of Onaville,” Dean Pennington said. “I have been seeing the true condition of the people of Haiti.  Most have no plumbing and no running water.  Electricity, if they have it, is on for a couple of hours in the evening.  Medical care is basically non-existent.”

Water For Christ mission trip to Haiti

This is why Water for Christ comes in to help. They drill a well, place a concrete pad there and add a modern hand pump to provide easier access to clean water in contaminated and arid locations. Their mission doesn’t end there. The group also shares the Good News along with the clean water.

Dean says the water wells provide incalculable value. Typically, water is pumped by hand into containers and then carried back home. Time and distance are often huge factors. Placing these Water for Christ water wells will have a two-fold effect – providing clean water and allowing for growth of local churches since that is where the wells are placed.

Courtesy Dean Pennington: Water For Christ mission trip to Haiti

“It is humbling to see these people and the condition they live in.  I can only be thankful for our country and to the Good Lord,” Dean said.  “We truly live in the land of plenty, the land of o

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