Ask An Orthopedist | Knee Pain Post Surgery

Calendar January 22, 2016
Ask An Orthopedist | Knee Pain Post Surgery

Question: I had surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus in August. During surgery, my knee was also treated for joint arthritis. After finishing my PT and going back to work, I began to feel very intense knee pain in not only my left knee, but my right knee as well. I’ve been doing at home PT exercises but nothing seems to help my pain and I’m afraid I’ll need knee replacement surgery. Do you have any suggestions to help with this ongoing pain?

It sounds as if the arthritis in your left knee got inflamed following the arthroscopy and the presumed arthritis in your right knee got inflamed from favoring the left knee.  You need treatment for the arthritis – oral medication and/or injections – to try and quiet the knees down.
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