How can I get relief from my Patellar Tendinitis without surgery?

Calendar August 7, 2015
How can I get relief from my Patellar Tendinitis without surgery?

22115256(300x300)This patient suffers from Chronic Patellar Tendinitis and is looking for relief without surgery so they can return to participating in the sports they love.

I have been dealing with patellar tendinitis for 4 years now in both knees. I’ve had physical therapy countless times with no results. Just this past December, I had patellar debridement and realignment surgery on my right knee. I was told it would stay sore for about a year, making it hard for me to commit to having surgery on my other knee. What do you suggest to help fix this problem? . I’ve heard of PRP, Does it work? What about HGH? What would be the best option for my pain? This pain can sometimes be debilitating and I would love to get back into sports.

Chronic patellar tendinitis can be very frustrating for both the patient and physician.  Surgical debridement does not always work but certainly can.  There have been some reports that PRP can be helpful.  I know nothing about the use of HGH with patellar tendinitis.  There are unfortunately numerous cases that don’t allow return to vigorous sports, but hopefully this won’t be you.



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