Exercising After a Hip or Knee Replacement

Calendar December 27, 2018
Exercising After a Hip or Knee Replacement

Question: Doc, I’m a Disabled Veteran with bilateral Hip Replacements. Can I SQUAT, Leg Press and Lunge? A sedentary lifestyle has led to a weight gain of 100lbs (355lbs) I’m very motivated to get fit and live longer. A trainer suggested training legs weekly to supplement a plant-based diet, sleep and lots of water.


Dr. Kim Foreman: Hip and knee replacements are designed to tolerate low impact activities but don’t do so well with high impact activities – these tend to prematurely wear and/or loosen the implants.  Lifting weights, biking, elliptical, stair-stepper, walking, and anything in water are all good activities for the lower extremities and are low impact.  Running, jumping, jogging, including lunges are not good activities for somebody with hip or knee replacements.  Good luck with your exercise program and weight reduction.

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If you are considering hip or knee replacement surgery, make sure you find a surgeon who suits you best.  Before scheduling your surgery, determine if you are comfortable with your surgeon’s personality, check their online reputation and make sure they are fellowship trained. Our surgeons are fellowship trained to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

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